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Largest youth Festival in Europe?


Steddfod yr Urdd 2004, originally uploaded by hwnna.
Just got back from a couple of days at the largest youth festival in Europe where over 100,000 people will flood through the gates this week. Its the Welsh language youth festival, an annual event where thousands of school children throughout Wales compete in traditional music, song, dance and art. This year the Urdd National Eisteddfod was held at Llanerchaeron near the picturesque seaside village of Aberaeron in Mid Wales. A great event to get an insight into this unique part of Welsh culture and as an English speaking parent with children who speak Welsh as a first language, I would love to find out more about the historic evolution of the event. So if anyone can point us in the right direction please do!
For example, I was told that the 'Cerddant' competition that I was watching, had its historical routes amongst the Welsh Princes who would ask the Bards (or renown poets of Wales) to entertain them. This they would do through improvising to music using the words of their Welsh poetry. At least this is what I was told, I'm sure there is a very rich vein of similar culture running through the entire festival, and I would love to know where I can find this. Fantastic . Ardderchog!

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