The goings on in and around Bridgend

Where to celebrate the party season in Bridgend County

'Tis the season to celebrate and what better place to do it than here in Bridgend? From Michael Buble tribute nights, cosy craft beer and coffee evenings to Christmas the Cuban way, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the festive season in Bridgend this year. So get out your dancing shoes, prepare your waistband and get ready to party!

- A festive experience with The Great House, Laleston
The Great House in Laleston is one of Bridgend County's top restaurants, serving up a festive lunch and evening menu Wednesday 29th November until Saturday 23rd December. Dishes include roast Glamorgan turkey with all the trimmings and a homemade Christmas pudding. Their homemade afternoon tea will also have a festive theme and is available every day 3pm - 5pm.

Join them on New Years Eve for a fantastic six-course tasting menu at £75 per person. The overnight package includes a six-course tasting menu for two people plus comfortable room and breakfast the next morning (from £300)

- Tis the season to party at the Coed y Mwstwr Hotel
There's a whole host of special events taking place at The Coed y Mwstwr Hotel, from sumptuous Christmas luncheons to glittering show nights. Get ready to party with Viva Las Vegas (2nd, 9th, 16th) and the James Bond Sky Ball (8th, 15th, 22nd). If family fun is what your after, enjoy the hotel's own Family Santa Sunday Lunch (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Dec), or its spectacular Christmas Day Lunch from £28.95.

Family Santa Lunch £28.95 per adult, £14.95 per child; Christmas day lunch £89.95, £15.95 per child; Party events from £42.95

- Celebrate Christmas the Cuban way with Fairways Hotel
Spice up your Christmas the Cuban way with Fairways Hotel in Porthcawl this year. The hotel will be putting on a range of Cuban festivities throughout December including Cuban street food nights, complete with mojitos, nachos and extra salsa (1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 14th), a casino extravaganza and a more traditional menu for those coming for a Christmas day lunch.

Christmas menu from £18.95 for two courses, available 1st Nov-24th Jan; Cuban party nights from £22 per head; Christmas day dinner £75 per head, £45 per child

- Musical magic at the Atlantic Hotel
Known for its fantastic music nights, The Atlantic Hotel is set to turn up the volume this Christmas. Enjoy a month of spellbinding tribute acts throughout December from Michael Buble (15th Dec) to Tina Turner (22nd Dec) and Ed Sheeran (23rd), each accompanied by their own festive set menu. The hotel will be hosting more magical fun on Christmas day itself with all the trimmings in its set Christmas Day menu including a Welsh cheese board, chocolates and mince pies for after.

Christmas day menu £85 per adult, £50 per child; Tribute night menus from £22.95 for two courses. Boxing day meal from £14.95 per head.

- Family fun with Parkdean Holidays, Trecco Bay
If you're looking to get away this Christmas then look no further. Parkdean Holidays have got a range of festive offers this Christmas from just £189 for the whole family. Enjoy a Christmas day meal and Boxing day buffet tuck into mince pies upon arrival and enjoy a fun filled Christmas with pantomimes and parties throughout December.

Christmas breaks, from £349, 23rd Dec; Twixmas breaks from £189, 27th December

- Musical medley with Harbour Bar and Kitchen, Porthcawl
From lively swing bands to festive saxophonists, Harbour Bar and Kitchen are providing a range of musical magic in the build up to Christmas. If that's wet your appetite, why not enjoy a Christmas meal with the Harbour Bar and Kitchen too? Enjoy their set festive menus running from Christmas eve to Boxing Day, with an added New Years menu from 31st Dec- 1st Jan.

Christmas Day lunch £85 per adult; All festive meals from12pm- 4pm

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