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Welsh Twixtmas

A Welsh Twixtmas

Twixtmas Poster R 500

Modern lifestyles are busy and overscheduled, but the five-day period between Christmas and New Year - 'Twixtmas' - offers a rare opportunity to reclaim valuable quality time.

Twixtmas is a national campaign to remind people of the importance of reclaiming quality time for yourself, for loved ones and for others. It encourages people to use what is traditionally a dead period in the Christmas calendar to try new activities, to create more opportunities for quality time and to help others.

Bridgend County will be the first ever host of #WelshTwixtmas, and events will take place across the county to encourage people to 'Seek', 'Blitz', 'Learn' 'Give' and 'Walk' across the five days.

More widely, #WelshTwixtmas in Bridgend hopes to inspire people to approach 2015 with a fresh outlook on addressing work/life balance issues, and to seize new opportunities for leisure and pleasure from their very doorsteps.

Use #WelshTwixtmas as your opportunity to do something different! Visit to find out what's happening in Bridgend County for #WelshTwixtmas

Bridgend Feastival

Are you a lover of Welsh food and drink?
Why not head on down to this year's Bridgend Feastival, where some fantastic local foodie entertainment and experiences combine with a whole host of other activities to make sure that there's something for every member of the family to enjoy.


Taking place on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of September (the same dates as our amazingly unique Elvis festival), Feastival will transform Bridgend centre into a hub of award-winning Welsh food and drink and top class entertainment.
The main reason for the festival is that we really wanted to showcase the true deliciousness of the food and drink on offer from local Welsh producers. Throughout the weekend some seriously good Welsh suppliers will be out and about showing off all the mouth watering food and drink they've got to offer. You might even be lucky to pick up a sample from the likes of The Chocolate Brownie Company, Nervous Nigel's Relishes, Riley's Toffees, the Delicious Cake Bakery and Welsh Perry and Cider, alongside a whole host of others.
And while we might be serious about local food, that doesn't mean we aren't planning loads of fun to go along with it. Wander the streets during the festival and you could encounter anything from 'leek lobbing' (get it in the basket to win a prize) to spaghetti bridge building!
All of this with perhaps the biggest single attraction right at the centre. Back in 2010 it was a 10ft Cauliflower sheep, 2011 witnessed the amazing leaning tower of Pizza, last year was a 6ft Orangutan swinging through the trees - you just wait until you see what we've got lined up for you this year! One small clue; it'll be made out of Welsh food packaging…
And with 'Make it' being a big theme this year, you can expect a load of recipes, cookery demos and even food art. If you can't wait for September, be sure to keep up to date with our blog, where we'll  post videos of our favourite cookery demonstrations as well as recipes from across Wales.
For more information on this year's Feastival, visit

Rioja Wine Tasting Evening Friday 23rd September

The children and grand children have all gone back to school, so why not come and enjoy a Spanish Rioja evening with one of our wine suppliers.
There will be an opportunity to buy wine at a special price for one evening only!!!!!   Only £33.50pp to include a glass of wine with each course.
Dare you stay the night in this 15 century house?????  Double/twin £69 with breakfast, Single £39 with breakfast!!!!
T: 01656 657644

My view by Allison Tomlinson

Name: Allison Tomlinson

Where are you from:

What do you do Assistant Tourism Development & Research Officer
Favourite local place and why:Porthcawl, because of its sandy beaches

Where do you like to eat locally: Poco Poco Continental Restaurant and Tapas Bar

If you like, tell us 1 thing about yourself / or tell us something interesting: I'm a fluent Welsh speaker originally from Yorkshire

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.
The origin of the Welsh Dragon is uncertain but its earliest mention dates to around 800 AD when it was linked with Wales in the writings of Nennius. In Welsh mediaeval poetry the dragon became the symbol of Wales.
It was used as a crest by the early Welsh Kings, Arthur, Cadwallon and Cadwalder and at The Battle of Bosworth. Henry Tudor unfurled his standard bearing a red dragon on a green and white background.
In 1901 The Red Dragon was recognised as the Badge of Wales and was added to the Arms of The Prince of Wales.
In 1953 the Dragon was made the official Royal Badge of Wales and after this it became the authorised Welsh National flag.