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Wales,the birthplace of rugby?

Wales V South Africa 2010, originally uploaded by TruPlaces.

A very interesting discussion on twitter last week during the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup that claimed that the ancient Welsh game of Cnapan (Based in the stunning location of Cnapan,near Newport in North Pembrokeshire),was the front runner that laid the foundation for football to emerge . However, the locals and numerous websites claim that their brutal game which often resulted in deaths was indeed an early form of rugby, centuries before William Webb Ellis picked up the football and ran half way down the pitch to score. If Cnapan was an early form of rugby played with a pigs bladder, does that account for the national obsession in Wales for rugby? Interesting. Cnapan has a great little restaurant, and the village is close to the rugged coastline in this part of the world and not too far from the excellent recreated Iron Age settlement, Castell Henllys. Well worth a visit, and away from the often over crowded South Pembrokeshire!