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The Big Bang Firework Display

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.31.29Remember, remember the fifth of November... Celebrate the day that nearly marked the end of the Houses of Parliament as we know them with a fantastic firework display at the Hi Tide Inn, Porthcawl.

The weather may be on the turn, but nothing brings people out of their houses and into the cold autumn air like the colourful explosions of Bonfire Night. 

Tonight is no different, if you head down to the Hi Tide Inn in Porthcawl tonight at around 7/7.30pm, you'll be rewarded with a fantastic fireworks display, not to mention some fantastic views out over Coney Beach and the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. 

The firework display will start at about 7pm - 7.30pm and is free to enter.

For more information, visit: