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A home in a dome. Cool camping in Wales.

A home in a dome., originally uploaded by Andy Bold.

Listening to a great debate on Radio Wales today about the sudden popularity of camping and the move towards more authentic experiences and back to basics. Quite timely this for us, as tomorrow as part of a charity event we are challenging 4 county councillors in Wales, and four public sector workers to spend the night under the stars on a survival night with Bushcraft experts WildSpirit Bushcraft. Part of the challenge will be to build a shelter for the night, which I suppose is both cool and extreme camping. Anyway, more about that tomorrow.
So, cool camping. The best in Wales has to be offered by fforest (Cold at Night - love that brand!), and also Graig Wen Yurts near Dolgellau in North Wales. What I really love about the latter is its one of the coolest places I've been to in Wales, the yurts are one thing, but the B&B is themed (quite cleverly and in a understated subtle way) with Welsh pop music from the 70s. Was amazed to see how creative our pop groups were in the 70s! I also like Under the Thatch and what they've achieved and were one of the first to offer a stay in a Gypsy caravan to my knowledge and of course, the up and coming Featherdown Farm which offers luxury but back to basic camping on real farms. Love it! Closer to home for us, WildSpirit Bushcraft also offer their own night under canvas (if hand build shelters are not your cup of tea!) in the form of tepees, again very popular in Wales.