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I'm a Councillor.....get me out of here!

Woodland bokeh, originally uploaded by ....Tim.

You may have seen the TV programme based on celebrities in the Australian tropical rainforest, the truth is, you dont have to go half way around the world to appreciate biodiversity, edible plants and overnight survival! In fact, tonight, to launch Wales Biodiversity Week and to demonstrate how diverse our own countryside is in Wales, 4 local authority councilors and 4 members of staff from Bridgend County Borough Council will spend the night with bushcraft expert Richard Rees from Wild Spirit Bushcraft in Merthyr Mawr. All in the name of charity and biodiversity, 'contestants' will have to build a shelter to sleep in, learn what to eat in the British woodland (and what not to eat) and learn some survival techniques such as fire lighting etc. This isn't something that people can just do independently, anyone interested should seek qualified companies or experts to accompany you. Locally in Bridgend, we're fortunate to have one on our doorstep!
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