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ELVIS Reincarnated (By the Thousands)! 10 Year Festival Anniversary Guide

It's now or never! Here's your chance to read the complete guide to the greatest Elvis festival in the World which takes place in Bridgend.  And with so many other Elvis's in attendance, there's no chance of feeling "lonesome tonight"... 

An Elvis look alike at Trecco Bay, Porthcawl

An Elvis look alike at Trecco Bay, Porthcawl. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

As 10 year anniversaries go, Porthcawl probably has the the best one on the market! This September will see the Elvis Festival in Porthcawl celebrate a decade of hosting the world's biggest Elvis festival!
This festival is suitable for everyone, whether you're a diehard Elvis fan, or you just enjoy one or two of his well-known hits like Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock, you'll be rock 'n' roll dancing before you can say "The King".
Accessible Location... 
A train trip no more than two and a half hours from London and Birmingham this September will take you to one of the quirkiest festival in Europe.
There's no place like Porthcawl for an Elvis Festival, as Peter Philips, the founder, says, "the Welsh know how to throw a party!"
Born from a one-off documentary, the founder Peter Philips wanted to save the iconic Grand Pavilion. He probably didn't think that a small film would change the future of Porthcawl, Bridgend. Now there are more than 30,000 visitors during the festival and the town transforms everything, from shops to hotels, into an Elvis celebration.

Elvis fans infront of the legendary Porthcawl Pavilion

Elvis fans infront of the legendary Porthcawl Pavilion. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

"Before Elvis, there was nothing" - John Lennon

Expect to see lots and lots of Elvis lookalikes!  The 10th anniversary will be bigger then ever, it's already one of the largest festivals of its kind in the World. There are plenty of special Elvis events going on, from singing competitions such as The Best Festival Elvis Competition to shows by well-known Elvis show bands (one hundred of them to be precise) in pubs, hotels or at the Grand Pavilion itself.
But what really makes the Festival amazing is how involved the whole community gets into this annual event. School children make artwork dedicated to the King and Hamlet undergoes a Elvis change. In the words of twice mayor, Phil Rixon, "The Festival really makes the town busier than it's heyday in the 1950's".
An Elvis Festival!!! What exactly happens?
When is it?
27th-29th of September. The Festival officially launches at 12.30pm on Friday 27th of September with a Champagne reception at The Heartbreak Hotel where you can meet some of the artists and celebrities taking part in the Festival. (Only open to VIP Ticket Holders and Festival guests).

Children getting involved.

Children getting involved. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

Is it suitable for everyone?
Absolutely. The Elvis Festival is one of the few music festivals that is great for families (and their kids) to visit. Whether you're a new couple looking to try something different or a full-sized family, there's something here for everyone.
What we recommend? 
Elvis FunRun - TBA
A one mile walk in the shoes of the King for charity.
The Elvis Gospel Show - 12.30pm 29 Sept

Elvis tribute act / impersonator performing Porthcawl. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

Elvis tribute act / impersonator performing
Porthcawl. By Visit Wales ©

For classic Elvis Fans who know the early work, the Elvies Gospel Winner 2010, Dean Mack, will be preforming some of the good ol' Gospel music that catapulted Elvis to his place among the stars.
Best Festival Elvis Competition - 2.30pm 27 Sept & 12pm 28 Sept 
With two different Heats and a Grand Final, the Best Festival Elvis Competition is all about finding the best ETA in Europe. The question you'll have to ask yourself is: Who is the best Elvis?
The Three Kings - 7.30pm 27 Sept
Three shows in one, this show is headlined by Ben Thompson, the Winner of the 2012 Best Festival Elvis Competition, and Red Alert, the Legendary Porthcawl House Band.

© Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

© Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

The Elvies - 7.30pm 28 Sept
The world renown Elvies Awards will be taking place at this year's Festival! It's the leading show for Elvis Tribute Artists and is not something you should even consider missing.
Elvis at the Movies - 3.00pm 29 Sept
Presented by all great Elvis Tribute Artists, Elvis at the Movies perform songs from all the Movies that Elvis starred in (which we all know is quite extensive), and is presented by Mike Nova.
Trilogy - 7.30pm 29 Sept
The last event of the Festival, Trilogy is a full three sets of Sun Studios in the 50s followed by a '68 Special and a full Vegas Show - all backed by Red Alert.
Not just a festival, a great place to visit!

Bridgend is also one of Britain's best know golfing destination. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

Bridgend is also one of Britain's best know golfing destination. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

Bridgend County, where Porthcawl is located, will leave you spoilt for choice. If you're looking for some place to relax, the beaches of Bridgend will leave you speechless. White sandy beaches for noontime napping are on every corner. If you're looking for adventure, Cressey's Surf Academy can provide you with some fantastic surfing adventures.
But if you aren't so much into the ocean, Adventure Wales has got everything under control. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie that thrives on Quad biking or a relaxed golfer, Adventure Wales and Bridgend Bites have a selection of activities for everyone.
For a great mix, you'll be thankful to know that the Bridgend Feastival is the same weekend as our favourite Elvis festival! Situated in the small town of Bridgend, this foodie festival has everything from chef tastings to family spaghetti bridge building. It's the perfect addition to a weekend of Elvis fun in Porthcawl!
Places to Stay
Eventhough the majority of the hotels in Porthcawl are already booked through this famous festival, Bridgend offers some of the most beautiful places to stay for a weekend for families, large groups, couples or even the lone ranger!
The Family Home Away From Home: Bryngarw House
Situated in the middle of 113 acres of country, Bryngarw House is perfect for a family looking to find a place to call home while partying it up Elvis-style.
The Weekend Getaway For Adventurous Groups: Masons Arms
Ideal for the travel group, Mason Arms is two minutes from the Bridgend Designer Outlet and ready for Elvis fans to come pouring in!
The Hideout for Two: Ewenny Woods
Hidden in the small village of Ewenny, this lovely guesthouse is a great place to cozy up at night after spending a full day out in Porthcawl, decked out in Elvis gear.
The Lone Ranger Base: Heron's Brook Bed & Breakfast
Heron's Brook Bed & Breakfast, perfect for the solo traveller, is ready for the Elvis Festival. With beautiful views from every window, you'll fall asleep to "Always on my Mind" every night.
Best way to get tickets
Tickets for The Elvis Porthcawl Festival, sponsored by Hi Tide, usually sell out in late July, so make your way over to Elvies or fill out this form!
So to get you all excited here's the wonder of YouTube with a quick song...