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Wood, Garlic, Milk and Pigs.

Garlic Woods, originally uploaded by me'nthedogs.

What more do you need. Love this place, it’s called Ty Tanglwyst, (which is a mouthful even for the Welsh to pronounce!). A 4 star holiday cottages located on a farm just outside Bridgend in what is little known countryside straddling the M4 in South Wales. The cottages are traditional Welsh farm cottages with an incredible history dating back centuries. But what I really like is that this is authentic, a working farm that produces a very successful and high quality brand of milk from their herd of dairy cows which form very much part of the experience when you stay here. You can take part in the milking and also feed the young calves too. They’re great, and so are the pigs. Recently, a number of us under the guidance of Coed Cymru and the Bridgend Countryside and Tourism Unit, had the pleasure of working in the ancient woodland on site, as part of a woodland management programme. It really gives you a sense of nature and history. Its hardly surprising that some local historians claim that there was once an old medieval village on this site and even a graveyard (but that’s stretching it a bit!). When we visited, the woods were alive with wild garlic, bluebells and even a woodpecker. Returning to the farm, forget your wine, we had a milk tasting session in the courtyard!