Love2Walk Festival 29th September - 7th October 2012

World Record Attempt: Largest Gathering of Elvis Impersonators

"World Record Attempt for the Largest Gathering of Elvis Impersonators"

Saturday 29th September 2012, Start 10am, Main Street Trecco Bay Holiday Park

Kicking off this years festival in some serious style, we would like you to join Love2Walk and our walk sponsor Parkdean Trecco Bayto help break a record!  Join hundreds of Elvis fans as we try to break the record for the most Elvis Impersonators gathered in one place and a short walk to kick off the Walking Festival in true rock n roll style!

Leading the World Record Attempt will be Darren 'Graceland' Jones, the winner of this year's 'Best Welsh Elvis'.  Darren pictured below recently met with the Record organisers in Trecco whereby a few fans got a little carried away....!

The Love2Walk festival is taking place at the same time as the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, so what better way to link together our love of walking and Elvis!?  The record is currently held by 645 Nike Western Employees who gathered in Las Vegas on the 23rd November 2010, we feel sure the record is ours for the taking!

Parkdean's Regional Director for Wales; Karl Schmidtke, says "We are delighted to be hosting this exciting event.  At Trecco Bay we really put our stamp on the Porthcawl Elvis Festival where we have a weekend dedicated to the King himself including our Elvis Extravaganza in the Showdome.  The whole area is "all shook up" and truly comes alive with the unique atmosphere as spirits are high and everyone enjoys getting into the "swing of things".

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3) What constitutes an Elvis Costume

In the meantime, dust off your blue suede shoes and get practising your Elvis shuffle and swagger!!

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