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26 February 2013

Saturday 14th September
Porthcawl Surf   and Adventures Wales will attempt to bring a World Surfing Record to Porthcawl. While it certainly won't be for the biggest wave ever ridden!, the attempt is to get into the record books for the most surfers on one wave.

The concept was developed 2 years ago by Nigel Jones of Adventures Wales, with the idea to involve as many local surfers as well as beginners to beat the current world record of 120 people, all surfing a wave at the same time, held by South Africa.

Why Porthcawl?
Nigel explains "Apart from a few exceptional days throughout the year, our local beaches being so flat, often produce very long close out waves which are perfect to stage this attempt, to get the most people surfing a wave at the same time". 

The attempt will take place at Coney Beach or Rest Bay depending upon conditions, with a date to be finalised this summer. The event is open to everyone from pro surfers to beginners with the emphasis on getting as many people in the local surfing community involved as possible.

A Record Breaking Event Open To Everyone

The idea was initially posted on Facebook and received an over-whelming response from people to get involved in this world record attempt.  While the event looks set to be popular with both local and visiting surfers, there has also been a lot of interest from families keen to get their children involved.
"Hopefully we'll see lots of young people with their mums and dads learning to surf this summer, keen to get involved in the event later in the year."

The event is currently going through the planning stage and participants should keep in contact with the local surf schools Porthcawl Surf and Adventures Wales Surf School for more information. If you wish to recieve an entry form please e mail

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