Residential Forest Skills and Fieldcraft Course

Residential Forest Skills and Fieldcraft Course

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November 2012 

A two day course with overnight stay at 4-star Bryngarw House Hotel. Evening meal and breakfast included.

The course itself will run from 11am - 4pm on the Saturday and 10am - 4pm on the Sunday.

Bushcraft is about far more than so called 'survival skills'. It is the rediscovery of practices which have the ability to put us back in touch with nature, truly in tune with our environment, with a new and deeper perspective on ourselves and our relationship with the natural world.

Covering everything you need to survive and thrive in the wild, this comprehensive 2 day course will introduce the beginner to all the basic skills, knowledge and techniques needed to start their own journey of exploration.

As well as those looking to forge a closer relationship with the natural world, this course is also ideal for family / father-son bonding, corporate team building weekends or as an early Christmas present for anyone looking for something different.

Course to include:

* Fire lighting techniques - learn so called primitive fire-lighting techniques such as friction fire-lighting (rubbing sticks together!) & flint and steel fire-lighting.
* Camp fire cooking - learn how to build and maintain a fire, using it to cook food efficiently.
* Foraging and tracking - plant, tree and animal identification through the observation of field signs.
*Shelter building - learn how to construct a safe and durable shelter to ride out those harsh weather conditions.
* Knife work and camp wood craft - the knife is arguably one of the most important tools in bushcraft. Learn how to use it safely for a range of useful purposes
* Water safety - Water is almost as essential for life as air. Learning how to make natural sources of water safe to drink is an essential skill for a life lived outdoors.
* Cordage making - Cordage or string is one of the most important resources when out in the wild. It has a whole range of improvised uses, including temporary repairs to equipment, making strong shelters and even catching food. Very much taken for granted in the modern world, the course teaches how to make cordage for ourselves from nature.

A light risotto-style lunch will be provided on both days as part of the course, using some of the foods gathered in the foraging. However, if you have any special dietary requirements please feel free to bring your own packed lunch. Alternatively, a café is located in the Park's Visitor Centre which provides a range of good quality hot and cold snacks.

Booking via Bryngarw House - 01656 729009

Price: £150 (Payment in advance).

Specialist equipment provided but need to bring suitable clothing, footwear, gloves and change of clothes in case of bad weather.

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